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Chris Campbell, electrical engineer

Organizational Experience

I have worked in a variety of business environments, including a large corporation with thousands of employee and a global footprint. I am now looking to work with a smaller, more agile and aggressive team, and I believe my experience will allow me to excel in that environment.

Organization types that I’ve worked in:

  • 6000-person global corporation with enormous logistical resources to leverage (IT, facilities, shipping); instead of DIY solutions, know who the right person / group is to hand off to and stay focused on my specialty;  get it done myself if necessary, but in a large org there’s often going to be a better person to direct a problem or task to
  • 200-person independent division that produced and shipped systems under quarterly time pressure; occasional all-hands-on-deck efforts to get the systems out
  • 50-person technology contracting firm
  • tiny micro-budget non-profits, pure DIY, that still managed to work wonders with virtually nothing; my contribution, beyond technology, was to create procedures that accelerated onboarding and maximized the productivity of our volunteer base that was thoroughly unskilled

Work cultures I’m experienced with:

  • rigorous engineering with federal oversight and “controlled documentation” systems
  • technology systems production with quarterly shipment pushes
  • seat-of-pants engineering, where only solutions and speed matter
  • blue collar union shop